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Love 2Betties snacks? Well, we love you, too. That’s why we started the 2B Snack Club—to reward our loyal and repeat customers with extra savings on their favorite healthy treats—15% OFF, to be exact! Get all the benefits. And none of the hassles.

  • Save 15% on regular online pricing
  • Get shipments according to your desired schedule
  • Find out about new flavors, promotions, discounts and events

And of course, becoming a member has got 2B easy!

1) Simply select your favorite 2Betties Rounds from our product lineup.

2) Specify your frequency for refill. Choose between 4- or 6-week delivery intervals.

3) Snacks will arrive at your door. No more forgetting to re-order. Just set it and get it.

4) Keep your pantry stocked and SAVE 15% with every order!

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2B Snack Club FAQs

  • Is there a minimum order size?

    No minimum order size. Order as much or as little as you'd like.
  • Can I edit my subscription?

    Of course! Want to add a new snack, change an amount, or remove a snack? All subscription details can be adjusted through your account dashboard which is accessed through our login link on the menu bar. You can even change your delivery date, address, or place a hold while traveling.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Use your login credential and your account dashboard to manage your subscription setting.
  • Is there free shipping?

    We do not currently offer free shipping, but once this becomes available, you’ll be the first to know!
  • What is the discount when I subscribe?

    The club-member discount is 15% and is automatically applied to each of your subsequent orders.

Join 2B Snack Club today!

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