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What is it?

A delicious snack that is actually good for you

What’s 2Betties? Who is Betty?

Betty means a confident chick in some circles and a best friend in others, wanted a name that didn’t scream health to be more approachable.

What’s the nutrition?

We believe in a balanced nutrition profile meaning good carb, fiber, fat content with low sugar and 100% non-refined sugar

Where can I buy them?

Check out our store locator.

Which of your products are gluten free?

All of our products are naturally gluten free! Most gluten free snacks are engineered to be so, taking a chocolate chip cookie and manipulating it to meet dietary restrictions. Our Rounds were made by adding naturally gluten free ingredients and see what we could come up with… and we like what he have come up with and hope you will also.

Where are your foods made?

Made in the USA, Baltimore MD.

What is the shelf life of your product?

For best quality, our food should be consumed by date printed on each wrapper. But please make sure to follow storage and handling instructions keeping them in a dry, room temperature location.

Can I refrigerate or freeze them?

We do recommend enjoying the Rounds at room temp, that being said some customers do refrigerate to extend the shelf life, so up to you!

Are your foods vegan friendly?

Depends on your definition of vegan friendly. We do not include ingredients such as Milk, whey or casein or any animal by-products but our products are made with honey which is the byproduct of bees.

Are they Keto approved?

We are not certified but they are keto friendly for some customers

Paleo approved?

Paleo friendly, remember no grain and sweetened with just a touch of Maple Syrup and Honey!

Are they good for Weight Watchers? How many points?

3 points per round, you can scan them in the app – many have shared they are the perfect snack.

Do your products contain any common food allergens such as dairy, wheat or nuts?

Our products are grain-free and dairy free meaning they do not contain gluten, wheat and lactose. However, they are produced in a shared space facility and they do contain tree nuts. No peanuts.

What about GMO’s and organic?

We currently source all our ingredients from non-GMO vendors. However, only some of our flavors are Non-GMO certified through the Non-GMO project.


Not certified Kosher.

What amount of sugar are in 2Bettie snacks?

We never use refined sugar—only natural sugars like maple syrup and honey. Our goal is to balance good taste with the least amount of sugar possible, since women should only get 100 calories or 25 grams/day = 6 teaspoons and men should only get 150 calories or 35 grams/day = 9 teaspoons. For specific amounts of sugar per product, please visit our product pages.

Why eat our product?

Because they are delicious and will leave you feeling satiated, satisfied and happy.

Why are nuts good for you? And why are your produc ts nut based?

The mono and poly-unsaturated fats found in nuts are healthy fats. Healthy fats are good for you because they help lower your LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise you HDL (good cholesterol) nuts also provide a good source of fiber and help pack a punch with a satiating snack.

Do you guys personally bake them or resell?

This is our recipe 100% and we do all of our own manufacturing, that being said Bridget and Nancy are no longer in the kitchen everyday baking

How do you come up with the flavors?

Lot’s of R&D, feedback and suggestions from our fans – have a flavor idea? Email it to

How can I change what I am subscribed to? 

Manage your subscription easily through your auto-delivery subscription dashboard. Log in here or click “log in” at the top right of our website. 

Should I pause or cancel my subscription? 

Pausing your subscription is best if you like the product and just need a break for whatever reason. You can pause your auto-delivery subscription indefinitely. This will keep your customer account details and order history on file with us and easy to unpause and re-access 15% off + free shipping on every order at any time. Canceling your subscription is best if you plan never to order again.

I can’t figure out how to add a product to my upcoming auto-delivery order? 

Step 1: Log in here

Step 2: Receive an email link to sign in automatically. Check your spam inbox if you don’t see it within a minute in your inbox. 

Step 3: Once logged in, you should see any active subscriptions you have set up for 2Betties. Click “view details” at the bottom right of your active subscription(s) to see your active subscription dashboard.

Step 4: Manage all aspects of your auto-delivery here. 

Manage next order timeframe: Easily manage your upcoming auto-delivery subscription order here by selecting “order now” to process the order now, “skip order” to skip your next order, “re-schedule” to pick a different date for the order to process or “delay” to extend the days before your next order.

Add a product to your next order: Simply select a product or flavor you’d like to add to your next order. This product can be added to just your next order, or it can be added to all upcoming subscriptions. As always, you’ll be able to edit/swap/delete any products added to your auto-delivery subscription at any time. 

Edit your auto-delivery subscription details: Edit your auto-delivery subscription. Added the wrong flavor? Want to adjust the quantities of a flavor or swap for a different flavor? All auto-delivery subscription details can be edited her. Reminder, you add new products to your subscription above this section. So if you’re subscribed to 1 flavor and want to add another you need to “add a product to your next order” and select if it’s for just the next order or all upcoming orders. 

Edit frequency, shipping address, and payment details: Easily adjust the cadence of your upcoming orders from every 2 weeks, four weeks, and 6 weeks. Using the above section, you can always adjust your next order processing timeline at any time. Update your payment details securely or change your shipping address. 

Step 5: Still having trouble with my auto-delivery subscription and can’t seem to figure it out? Email us anytime at - we’re here to help! 

I am going on vacation and want to pause my upcoming auto-deliveries? 

You can easily do that by adjusting your next order delivery time frame. You can either “order now” to get your order ahead of your departure (please allow 5-10 business days for your order to arrive), “skip order” to completely skip your next order and pick up when you get back, “re-schedule” your next order processing date to when you’re back from your trip or “delay” your order a certain amount of time to account for the time you’ll be traveling. All are right at your fingertips in your subscription dashboard. Follows steps 1 through 4 for the previous FAQ question if you’re still confused or email us and we’ll gladly assist you. 

I want 15% off and free shipping on every order, but I don’t want to subscribe?

Unfortunately, setting up an auto-delivery subscription is the only way to access our best discount day in and day out on any order size. 

If you want 15% off at any time, you can build a bundle here:

If you want free shipping, you can access that by purchasing $35 or more in total order value. 

I forgot to adjust my auto-delivery subscription before my order was processed. Can I still edit it? 

In short no, you cannot. We send upcoming order notifications by email 4 days before your next order is processed. Please use this time to edit your order however you’d like. Unfortunately, once your order is processed, there’s a shorter window for us to make adjustments ahead of fulfillment, and it’s not guaranteed. If you email us immediately, we can often catch it and make the adjustment, but if your order has already been fulfilled, we can no longer edit it. Please email with any concerns or questions.

Should I place my first order with 2Betties as an auto-delivery subscription order to get the discount and free shipping? 

Would you normally set up a subscription for a service or product you’re unfamiliar with? The answer is probably no. We hate to tell you not to do something, but if you set up an auto-delivery subscription with us for your first order and it turns out you don’t love our products or want to have another order set to deliver in 2, 4, or 6 weeks automatically, you’ll need to manage your subscription before that next order processes. Our auto-delivery subscription program is for our VIP customers who love 2Betties and want our Rounds delivered conveniently to their doorstep again and again. It’s not a welcome discount or a trial offer. To try our snacks for the first time enjoy 10% off your first order with code 2BETTIES10  - Enjoy! For goodness sake. 

Do I really get free perks? Yup! 

Add any item to your next subscription order and save 10% on that item. Receive a bone 5% discount on your 3rd auto-delivery subscription order and a free swag gift with your 5th subscription order! Plus, early access to new flavors and so much more! 


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