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Sometimes it’s good 2B left out.

Dairy Free Dairy Free Dairy Free Dairy Free

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2Betties Chocolate Chunk Rounds - Package

Chocolate Chunk Rounds

12 Rounds total (6 packs of 2)

2Betties Maple Cinnamon Rounds - Package

Maple Cinnamon Rounds

12 Rounds total (6 packs of 2)

2Betties Vanilla Bean Rounds - Package

Vanilla Bean Rounds

12 Rounds total (6 packs of 2)

2Betties Mocha Chip Rounds - Package

Mocha Chip Rounds

12 Rounds total (6 packs of 2)

2Betties Sweet Almond Rounds - Package

Sweet Almond Rounds

12 Rounds total (6 packs of 2)

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For goodness sake™.

There are a lot of snacks masquerading as healthy options, but just take a look at the label. Most are full of sugar and chemicals you can't even pronounce. With spatulas in hand, 2Betties is on a mission for the greater GOOD. All of our 100% natural snacks are free of additives and preservatives and sweetened only as nature intended—with just a touch of honey or maple syrup. That's all you need to get naturally energized and satisfied.


  • Which of your products are gluten free?

    All of our products are naturally gluten free! Most gluten-free snacks are re-engineered to be so—taking a regular chocolate chip cookie, for example, and manipulating and re-manufacturing it to meet dietary restrictions. Our Rounds are simply made by using naturally gluten-free ingredients from the start. Our friends and family liked how we perfected our recipes, and we hope you will, too.
  • Where are your foods made?

    All are handmade in the USA. Baltimore, MD, to be exact.
  • What is the shelf life of your product?

    For best quality, our food should be consumed by the printed date on each wrapper—90 days or sooner is optimal. Nevertheless, please follow storage and handling instructions, including keeping them in a cool dry place.
  • Are your foods vegan friendly?

    Depends on your definition of vegan friendly. We do not include ingredients such as milk, whey, or casein—or any animal by-products—however, our products are made with honey, which is the byproduct of bees.
  • Do your products contain any common food allergens such as dairy, wheat, or nuts?

    Our products are grain-free and dairy-free—meaning they do not contain gluten, wheat, and lactose. However, they are produced in a shared space facility and they do contain tree nuts. No peanuts.
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